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How Psychology Can Help You Win

You know that old ‘mantra’ that when you think you can win, you actually can. Where else is it likely to be more useful than in the casino. Now we are not saying that ‘feeling like a winner will be a sure shot ticket for you to win, but it is definitely a good place to start. Let us see how your feeling can help you win a few games or two.

Don’t Drink and Gamble

Well, no one is expecting you to be absolutely sober in your trip to the casino, however do not be ‘drunk’ when you are playing. Drink has the incredible power to make you lose all inhibitions, and cloud your judgement. You might keep want to keep playing even through a violent losing streak egged on by the alcohol induced false optimism. The next day, your hangover will be more potent when you realise how much money you have actually lost! Although gabling isn’t exactly rocket science, you should be in a practical state of mind when you are dealing with money. Would you ever make a major investment decision when you are drunk out f your mind? Think of gambling in the same way.

Poker Face

Well we all know that to truly win a hand of poker, you need to acquire the poker face; the expressionless face that gives away no clues about how good or how bad your cards are. Well you cannot acquire that when there is a lot on your mind. One of the major reason things like gambling and drinking become an addiction is that people try to fill the empty space in their life through these activities. Your failure, pain or emptiness in other aspects of your life cannot be fulfilled via drinking or gambling and indulging in these activities during your depression increases the chances of addiction. People are desperately trying to make their life worthwhile and they think hitting the jackpot will give them the edge they need. It does not work like that. You need to treat casinos as a fun place to hang out occasionally; not an answer to your problems. Whenever the desperation to win kicks in, all hell gets loose. And all these emotions are difficult to hide behind your poker cards.

Psychological Alertness

You know there are those rare times, when you have had a great night sleep, you feel refreshed and energized and your brain feels alert and ready, without the caffeine. This is the correct state of mind to do anything, even gambling. In stages like these your instincts are sharp and you can read people easily. With an unclogged mind you can make sharper decisions that will help you in the long run. Remember, just like a backlog of worries can bog you down from doing anything, a worried state is the worst time to hit the casinos. Not only are you not in a sane state of mind to make monetary decisions, there may be many shrewd individuals who can read your vulnerability and take advantage of that.

You Think You Can

Not to sound like a stale self help book, but having a positive attitude often does help, especially in games like poker where you need to interact with other people. Your positive attitude often leaves the opponents confused and they can never quite figure you out. Another plus point of having a positive attitude is that you do not get depressed with losses and take it in your stride instead of becoming desperate for a win. The ultimate sufferer in your desperation is your bank roll and with it, you.

Just like everything else in life, you need a particular mind set to play poker, and a positive one is always helpful.

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