Casinos of Mayfair

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Casino Management

Casinos of Mayfair can offer the following services during the initial years of gaming operations:

  •      Act as the owner’s expert eyes and ears in monitoring overall Casino operations and performance and in protecting the assets of the Casino.
  •      Monitor any credit issued by the Casino and subsequent collection performance.
  •      Conduct compliance audits of the Casino’s performance six and twelve months after opening.
  •      Perform the typical Casino internal auditing function on an out-sourced basis. A list of internal audits to be conducted in the initial year of operation will be provided.
  •      Assist Casino executives in developing long-term plans for the expansion of existing and potential customer bases.
  •      If necessary, conduct covert gaming related investigations.
  •      Monitor the Casino’s performance in terms of acquiring and building market share, relative popularity in the local market segment, reaction to shifts in the marketplace, etc. Evaluation and reviews will be conducted on a regular basis producing reports of Casino activity.