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Brian Minister, Chairman and founder of Casinos of Mayfair International Ltd., worked for many years in both the Casino industry and in a major Estate Agency.  He founded Casinos of Mayfair in London in 1994.  The company offices have recently moved just 50 miles out of London to the South Coast of England.

Our main business is selling Casinos and Casino Hotels for the owners.  However, in the event that a buyer cannot find what is required from our stock of properties, we will undertake a property search to a given brief. 

Property List

Price ($ US)
View CARIBBEAN – Antigua 1 Casino. 99-year lease offered on Casino in Antigua. Open 7 days a week. Excellent cruise ship business. Offers Race and Sports book facilities. 15 tables, 300 slots. Restaurant. $15,000,000.00 CBBA3
View CARIBBEAN – Aruba 1 Hotel and Casino Resort. The luxury hotel has over 400 rooms and is situated amidst its own private beaches. $300,000,000.00 CBBARU3
View CARIBBEAN – Dominican Republic 1 An opportunity has arisen in the exciting new territories of the Dominican Republic for a Joint Venture partner to join a Casino professional who has the option to purchase a new 300-bedroom five-star deluxe operating Hotel (famous international brand). There is a demand to upgrade the Casino to a five star standard due to the volume of trade the hotel is experiencing. The investment cost for th More … $121,000,000.00 CRBBDR5
View CARIBBEAN – Dutch Antilles 1 Casino for rent on a Caribbean Island approximate rent $15K – $20K per month. $0.00 BON1 SOLD
View CARIBBEAN PACKAGE (Two Islands) 4 There are four casinos and two hotels on two separate islands. Both very profitable but the owners are looking to retire. (See also listed under Martinique and Guadeloupe) $155,000,000.00 CRBB12
View CARIBBEAN, Curacao 1 Hotel/Casino Project. Hotel will have 250 rooms. $22,000,000.00 CRBC2
View CARIBBEAN, Dominican Republic 1 An exceptional opportunity to purchase an operating, profitable casino in the exciting new territories of the Dominican Republic for $2.5m. A visit is certainly necessary, however, some basic details of the operational profits are available. $2,500,000.00 CRBBDR4 SOLD
View CARIBBEAN, St. Martin 0 Hotel Resort. Luxurious marina resort. 88 suites, serves the high standards expected by US visitors. Also has the largest Casino on the Island. Casino : stand-alone Casino with 240 slots, 15 gaming tables, open 24 hours. Casino : same quality as above but on a smaller scale. $200,000,000.00 CRBSM3 $200m for all three casinos plus hotel
View CARRIBEAN, Margarita Island 1 Hotel/Casino in very pleasant location with sea views and close to golf course.  Over 250 rooms. N.B. Casino comes under Venezuelan gaming laws. $30,000,000.00 CBBM MAY BE RE-RELEASED LATER THIS YEAR
View CASINO SHIPS 0 We can source ships to any brief: new, or refurbished in conjunction with our associated company. $0.00 SHIPS
View COSTA RICA – Central America 1 Hotel/Casino. Casino is being refurbished. When completed will open in the new owner’s name. The hotel is trading profitably ! $18,000,000.00 CR7
View COSTA RICA – Central America 1 Hotel, Casino and Nightclub Project. Investors sought. Equity shares, together with ‘time share-like’ vacation package available at $6.67m each. Minimum investment $25m. Includes one-week’s time share + equity. $25,000,000.00 CR10
View COSTA RICA – Central America 1 Housing Development: 60 lots. Construction type: one story houses which will have one apartment, bedroom, living room and kitchen, plus two rooms with bath rooms and independent entrance. The two rooms will be under management contract with the hotel company, so the owner will receive an annual earning for the rent of the two rooms and have the apartment for his own personal use. Casino Licence More … $29,000,000.00 CR11
View COSTA RICA – Central America 1 Hotel with Casino. 25 mins. from International airport the 4 start Hotel boasts more than 90 rooms, a Country and Golf Club and business facilities. $13,500,000.00 CR8
View COSTA RICA – Central America 1 Hotel with Casino. Beach resort. Stunning location and views. 90 rooms providing excellent accommodation and amenities. $15,000,000.00 CR9
View CYPRUS – Northern 1 Casino in small hotel in Northern Cyprus. Beach location. $1,250,000.00 ASCYP4
View CZECH REPUBLIC – Europe 3 One Hotel/Casino and two further casinos producing a net profit of over 1.5m euros. All Freehold properties. NB price is in Euros 20m. $20,000,000.00 EUCZ3
View EGYPT – Africa 1 SHARM EL SHEIKH. Casino licence: casino with 55 slot machines and 7 gaming tables located within the grounds of the Hilton Hotel. $2,000,000.00 EGP6 SOLD
View EGYPT – Africa 1 Floating Casino in the shape of a River Boat moored in Central Cairo’s luxury-hotel district. Four decks, each of 700 sq. metres, are available. All mooring and gaming licences are included $15,000,000.00 AEGP3
View ENGLAND – Europe 1 New opportunities with planning permission will be available from 2007 following the new Gaming Act 2005. from £2m sterling. $4,200,000.00 UK15
View ENGLAND – Europe 1 The sale includes £3m land and Freehold. Recently refurbished at the cost of over $1m.  This Casino has operated successfully for the past 30 years under the same ownership. The owner’s wish to retire is the reason for sale. N.B. Price is in Pounds Sterling £9m $19,000,000.00 UK12 UNDER OFFER
View ENGLAND – Europe 2 2 Casinos available in the midlands. Can be sold as a package or separately. Note the price is in Pounds Sterling £20m for the two casinos. $38,000,000.00 UK15
View EUROPE 2 European Lottery for Sale in two countries. Includes 76 buildings, 50 shops, 48 kiosks, 7 appartments in a famous hotel, one Casino within hotel with 125 rooms plus another within a second hotel with 225 rooms. These casinos are operating and have 816 slots. There is an additional casino licence to install a Casino in a 7000 square foot building in the centre of the city. Company cars and some More … $20,000,000.00 EULOT
View France 1 Situated in breathtaking scenery this luxury hotel with castino is a wonderful opportunity. 38-year lease available. NB Price is in EUROS 45m $0.00 EUF4
View GREECE – Europe 1 Casino. Planning permission exists for 59-bedroomed luxury hotel to be constructed along with a Marina. The existing Casino is licensed for 24 gaming tables, and 320 slot machines. Re-application for the licence above by a new owner will be granted. N.B. Price is 55,000,000 EUROS $53,000,000.00 EUGCE4
View GUADELOUPE – Caribbean 3 There are four casinos and two hotels on two separate islands.  Both very profitable but the owners are looking to retire. (See listed under ‘Caribbean Package and Martinique) $0.00 CRBB12
View HUNGARY – Europe 1 Project for luxury Casino/Hotel Resort 60 kilometres from Budapest with Casino Licence. Prestigeous building with 160 hectaires of land. NB. Price is 50m EUROS. $50,000,000.00 EUH6
View HUNGARY – Europe 1 Elegant hotel overlooking Danube. Over 300 well-appointed rooms. N.B. Price is EUROS 49m. $49,000,000.00 EUH2
View HUNGARY – Europe 1 Several tranches of land for development, a Casino Licence is available, priced from Euros 1m – 22m $0.00 EUH4
View JAMAICA, Kingston 1 48-roomed hotel with casino slot palace, 20 seated unit Touch bet Roulette. I Sega horse race 12 seated, 70 slot Machines. $17,000,000.00 JAM1
View KENYA – Africa 3 NAIROBI. These three Casinos, if purchased together, would cost $4m but they can be bought separately as seen below. Casino A – would benefit considerably if a Bingo operation was introduced as most of the casinos in the City now operate a Bingo section.     A)    Casino at $2.5m B)    Casino at $1.6m C)    Casino at $500 More … $4,000,000.00 KENN3
View MACEDONIA – Europe 1 Casino/Hotel. Casino Licence included with sale. Built in 1982. Total area of hotel location 4100 sq. metres. Total number of bedrooms, 120. N.B. Price is 2,210,000 EUROS $2,210,000.00 EUMAC5
View MACEDONIA, ALBANIA – Europe 4 Full Casinos.  Licenses are available. $0.00 EUMAC4
View MACEDONIA/GREECE BORDERS – Europe 1 Accommodation 21 ground-floor bungalows. Total area is 17,500 square metres. Possibilty to construct pool, Casino with restaurant. N.B. Price is 15,500,000 EUROS. $1,550,000.00 EUMAC6
View MALTA – Europe 1 Casino to be installed within Five-Star Hotel (subject to approval of license).  This hotel was given the highest accolade possiblein the Hotels of the World magazine in the year 2001 when, at that time, it was number 26 in the top 100 hotel resorts of the world. $2,000,000.00 MLT2
View MARTINIQUE – Caribbean 3 There are four casinos and two hotels on two separate islands.  Both very profitable but the owners are looking to retire. (See listed under ‘Caribbean Package’ and Guadeloupe) $0.00 CRBB12
View MOROCCO – Africa 1 477 bedroomed Hotel with Casino Licence. Completely refurbished and operating at a profit. Casino to be installed. Total cost Euros 155 . $155,000,000.00 MCC7
View MOROCCO – Africa 1 New five-star hotel to be built: opening beginning of 2007. 220 rooms. Possible Casino licence. 20 millions are financed by bank loan. (i.e. buyer needs 17.5 million euros to hold 100% of the hotel) $37,500,000.00 MCC8
View MOROCCO – Africa 1 Agadir. Five-Star Hotel.  New Casino built next door.  This elegant, luxurious hotel suffered from the September 11th disaster in the USA and has still not fully recovered. Unfortunately this caused the Banks to take over the management and placed the Hotel on the market. But this time, the added attraction from an investor’s point of view would be a Casino Licence, subject to the More … $55,000,000.00 MCC6
View POLAND – Europe 1 Five-Star Hotel:  112 rooms.  Excellent conference facilities with new Casino to be opened.  Close to the Austrian border and 140 km from Warsaw.  NB Price is in Euros 15m. $15,000,000.00 PL6
View RUSSIAN FEDERATION 1 Vladivostock. Joint venture to expand Casino into a Hotel/Casino. The property at the site is suitable to be converted into a 16-bedroomed hotel, which is what the owner requires to do, and to transfer the Casino from the existing building into the ground floor of the hotel area.  In doing this, he is looking for a joint venture partner to share in the increased workload of this 24-hour More … $3,000,000.00 VLD1
View SAIPAN 1 Coming Soon $0.00 NMS1 New Instruction
View SPAIN – Europe 1 Business operating 3,800 slot machines – installed in bars, restaurants and small community halls and clubs throughout Spain. Income Euros 16.5m per annum: no debts. Offers above Euros 90m are invited. An associated Bingo business can be included as a package (See SP8) NB dollar price is an approximate guide. $90,000,000.00 SP9
View SPAIN – Europe 15 Fifteen Bingo Halls.  Gross income 250m euros for sale at Euros 100m (NB dollar price is approximate and for guidance only) An associated business of slot machines is available with this as a package (see SP9) $100,000,000.00 SP8
View TAHITI – French Polynesia 1 200 bedroomed hotel in a very exotic location. for $21m but to totally renovate would cost another $44m. Good long term investment return. $65,000,000.00 TAH 3
View U.S.A. 0 LAS VEGAS. Land Available – suitable for Casino Hotels. 345 acres ready for development, already zoned for commercial and residential use.  The land can be split into six separate parcels each one adequate for a Hotel/Casino or a residential development in an area which is the second-fastest growing city in the world. $245,000,000.00 LVL1 $15.00 per sq. ft.
View U.S.A. – Las Vegas 1 Information only provided upon receipt of proof of funds. $700,000,000.00 LV20
View U.S.A. – Mississippi 1 200 bedroom Hotel/Casino to be build at an approximate cost of $85m. $15m equity investment sought. $15,000,000.00 USME
View U.S.A., Las Vegas 1 Downtown Las Vegas $30,000,000.00 LV22
View USA – Nevada 1 A two-hotel resort with a Casino. Confidentially on the market. The identity will not be revealed without proof of funds. $750,000,000.00 LV22
View VENEZUELA – South America 1 Wanted joint venture. Casino Ship to operate from new pier. Permit supplied. $0.00 VZSH
View ZIMBABWE – Africa 1 Five-Star 60-roomed hotel.  80% shareholding offered.  This is one of many hotels in the world that the Queen Mother admired and slept in.  Superb golf course. $10,000,000.00 ZBB1